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Every pet travelling by air deserves to experience the stress-free and comfortable environment offered by PetLounge.

Animal Lovers Choose PetLounge.

Hygienic and comfortable the PetLounge is for pets travelling from airport to airport either on holiday or to a new home.

The PetLounge was founded by BidAir Cargo in response to approaches from pet owners, breeders and associations as they identified the dire need for the correct and compassionate way of moving animals between airports within SA.


  • Charmaine Burgess
    I would like to send a huge Thank you to everyone at Pet Lounge from Reservations, Lanseria and  Cape Town. I am so grateful I was able to deliver my Sister’s little Dog to her safely. Our experience and our Little Gaby’s experience with your Company was professional, patient, caring, friendly and wonderful. From reservations. Check-in and to collections in Cape Town, everyone was friendly and amazing to us and Gaby.
    Charmaine Burgess"
  • Junaid Vahed
    I would like to place on record the excellent service I have received from 2 of your staff members at King Shaka International Airport viz. Clive and Thereshnee. On Tuesday the 26th of March 2019, I needed to urgently freight my pet dog from Durban to Johannesburg. Unfortunately not being aware of the correct procedure, I arrived at the Bidair counter without any prior bookings or arrangements. I acknowledge that I was politely explained what was required of me, but Clive and Thereshnee went way beyond the call of duty by personally seeing to all my needs, from assisting me with the booking, to receiving the confirmation and generally being extremely helpful. Through their wonderful service, I was spared many an expense (by not having to make the long trip back home & then having to come back to the airport) as well as a truckload of inconvenience. Hats off to Clive and Thereshnee and the whole team at Bidair Cargo!
    Junaid Vahed"
  • Charmain Britz Mouton
    I would just like to thank BidAir Cargo PetLounge Lanseria for the excellent service i received when sending my pet from Lanseria to Cape Town on the 2nd of January 2019.The staff were amazing. It is not easy handing your pet over to strangers but their competency helped me to walk away knowing my pet was in good hands. Well done guys.
    Charmain Britz Mouton "
  • 'Charmaine Danziger
    I refer to my booking that was made to fly my kitten to Cape Town this past Sunday 2 December 2018 - scheduled for 9.35 on British Airways.  On my arrival at the Petlounge there were 4 large dogs booked on the same flight and the poor dogs were so stressed, barking nonstop  - I felt very uneasy about having my 5m old kitten being on that same flight and thanks to Thato and Zanele, they offered to change the flight to Kulula MN135 leaving at 10.50 am.I waited those few hours during which time approximately 12 or more other dogs were being checked in for other flights  - as it was very noisy I went to sit in my car with my kitten so she would not be more stressed - which was not a problem. I just want to say a huge thank you to THATO and ZANELE and another lady and gentleman (whose names i did not get) for their kind consideration, their compassion and understanding and the way in which they handled a stressful morning with so many animals checking in, but mostly to Thato  - he remembered me from several months ago and told me I was the lady that brought Jimmy Choo - another kitten to fly to Cape Town  - how he remembered my kittens name from then just absolutely blew me away - considering that there are so many animals flying daily from JHB.  When it was time to load my kitten - he personally contacted Cape Town to arrange and ensure that she be attended to straight away on landing, and then he took my kitten on her own in the vehicle to the Kulula flight to load her. Thank you Thato for your personal attention and giving me peace of mind that she was not going to be too stressed out  - I so appreciate all this  WELL DONE BIDAIR PET LOUNGE - a further email will be forwarded to you now from the new owner in Cape Town, when she received the kitten.
    'Charmaine Danziger
  • 'Janine  Nortje
    Thank you Glen at CapeTown BidAir Cargo PetLounge  for EXCELLENT service - receiving our kittens  and looking after them long after collection time - hope you are nominated for Employee of the month.
    'Janine Nortje
  • 'Dina Zohni
    Thank you Pet Lounge for helping transport my cats from Joburg to Durban. I booked online by sending an email and shortly after received my booking confirmation. On travel day, my cats and I had arrived from a long international flight to Joburg, after which I took them to Pet Lounge. The staff there were super friendly, they gave us a small room where I was able to check on the cats and let them out to stretch. After that when the cats were ready and back in the crates, I started the check-in: filled the documents, presented the vaccination booklets and paid. After landing in Durban, I went to the Pet Lounge there, was happily surprised to find the cats ready for pickup. Thank you Pet Lounge for such a smooth and efficient service.
    'Dina Zohni
  • Lynelle Holmes
    I just want to say thank you so very much again for taking such great care of my baby and ensuring he’s safe. A very big and special thank you to Glen and Shamila at Cape Town airport.  They were really great.  Friendly and helpful and so efficient. (I’m not sure of the spelling of her name sorry but I do recall it was Shamila or something like that). Was so lovely dealing with them.  Great customer service. Thanks and see you soon
    Lynelle Holmes "
  • Dylan
    Thank you making sure my pup got his ride home. He is Happy in His New home, Thank you all again for the part you played in bringing him to me. Your service  has been incredible.
  • Jessica
    I trust that you are well. I would like to thank you and your team for the excellent care of my pet dog while he was stranded for five hours at Lanseria airport awaiting my delayed flight from Durban. Both Mthetheleli and Mondli were awesome! Mondli had taken him out of the crate into a fenced lawn area, gave him good food and water as well as gave him a doggie bed to rest! I was so impressed and grateful for their compassion, friendliness and caring. I was fretting that my pet would be traumatised by being in a crate for so long but he was happy & playful when I fetched him. Please pass my heartfelt thank you to your team. This was the first time I used your Petlounge facilities and I received excellent service especially at Lanseria airport. Thank you again.
  • Julian
    Firstly, a huge note of thanks and appreciation for the manner in which the Team from PetLounge both in JHB and CPT cared for both my pigeons and myself, they were extremely professional, courteous and helpful, was a pleasure doing business with you.
  •  Lourenza'
    My "KINDERS" - Almost 1 year old.  They flew from JHB - PE almost 11 months ago. Once again - Thank you for your wonderful service and you guys took such good care of my Children - Zaza & Zinzi. They will be 1 year YOUNG on the 3rd of November 2017.
  • Deshnee
    My puppy arrived safely and we had no issues at all. I am so impressed by the level of service received. The check in process at East London was very easy and staff were very helpful (as the previous owner relayed this info to me). At OR, the staff at BidAir PetLounge was really helpful with directly us over the phone. Also although they were about to close up, they waited for us and my puppy to be all settled and then they left. I will definitely recommend BidAir PetLounge to those I know.
  • Shalom”
    On Friday and Saturday morning the past week, we made use of your facility to transport 4 precious puppies from ORT to CPT airport We were very much surprized by the professionalism and caring attitude of your staff in specific, IVAN and THATO They were very much helpful and they assured us that the puppies would be look after with the best of care. The paper work was also very user friendly and we will for sure make use of your services again in future. Please extend our gratitude to the 2 gentleman
  • Dear Shahiema I would like to let you know, what a pleasure it was to deal with your branch of the Petlounge. I had to use your offices last year in November. You and Mikhaela were so kind and understanding and so helpful. What a wonderful world this would be if we could all be like the two of you. I will be telling all my friends to fly BA rather with their pets. Thanking you once again.
    Liz Baker"